Erectile dysfunction is something that many men face on a yearly basis. In fact, a recent study found that nearly ten percent of older men (between 40 and 70 years of age) suffer from erectile dysfunction. In addition to these individuals, other men may experience erectile issues occasionally, inflating the number of those affected.
Erectile dysfunction refers to both difficulty in achieving an erection and difficulty in maintaining one. The way the system is supposed to work is that blood fills the two spongey areas of the penis, the corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum. In cases of erectile dysfunction, the blood does not become trapped in those areas. For some men, the situation is transient and does not last for long; other times individuals may need to seek medical treatment to help with the issue. Luckily, in today’s day and age, there are numerous medical options for individuals with erectile dysfunction so that they can get back to their usual activities. One such medical option is Cialis whose primary ingredient is Tadalafil. Tadalafil is effective because it helps to inhibit a certain enzyme, phosphodiesterase 5, that is found in the corpus cavernous. In erectile dysfunction, it appears that this enzyme is working too quickly, resulting in inability to obtain or keep an erection. By taking Tadalafil (i.e., Cialis), this enzyme is deactivated, resulting in sustainable erections.



Cialis: a few great benefits!

The great thing about Cialis is that individuals can either take it daily or on an as needed basis. For someone with more consistent erectile issues, he may choose to take a daily dosage (2.5 to 5 mg, typically). For someone who wishes to take the medication as needed, the typical dosage is 10 mg prior to sexual intercourse. That dosage can vary based on the person, so certain individuals may experience good results with a dosage as low as 5 mg whereas others may need up to 20 mg. Another great thing about Cialis is that the medication works in conjunction with stimulation. You do not need to worry that you will have an erection at any given time.

As with all medications, there are some possible side effects. Individuals should seek medical attention if they experience signs of an allergic reaction (hives, respiratory issues, swelling). In addition, commonly reported side effects include headache, back pain and muscle aches, dizziness, and experiencing redness or heat in the face (known as “flushing”). If individuals experience this symptoms and they do not resolve on their own, they should consult with a doctor about future course of action.

Cialis without prescription

If individuals want to try out Cialis for themselves, they do not need a prescription in Australia. In fact, there are a multitude of places where this medication can be purchased online. For example, generic Cialis 2.5 mg can be ordered from for as low as 68 cents a pill. Granted, that is with a large purchase of 360 pills. If individuals want to try an “as needed” dosage, they can order a pack of 20 pills for approximately $45. Most of the sites offer airmail with shipping happening within 2 to 3 weeks.