Viagra: buy by Bitcoin online

Viagra, a commonly known pill that has medicinal properties that could assist an individual who have problems having physical affection on bed; erectile issue. Its a common drug that is popular in mainstream media, particularly in comedy films such as ‘Scary Movie’ where one of the casts accidentally ate the pill, and his Johnson enlarged itself, and appeared to be tougher than concrete.

Viagra online in pharmacy

Viagra online in pharmacy

Despite the humors of popular mainstream, and its medical properties to provide assistance in some happy time for individuals with the biological issue mentioned above, it could also cause non-life threatening side effects such as headache, back pain, and nausea – pretty much a common health issues everyone experiences once in awhile. In Australia, its difficult to come across this product unless legally prescribed by licensed pharmacists, or doctors in a hospital. That means, unless you have the authorization from the government to erect, you can’t do anything about it.

However, lucky for those that have been looking for loop-holes in the system, there are other ways to purchase this product. For instance, online, One can make contact with the seller in online pharmacy to purchase the pills, and the price itself may vary.

Some online pharmacies would prefer the non-regulated digital currency called ‘Bitcoin’ while others prefer to meet in person for cash. Owning a Bitcoin requires one to pay in cash online by the way. So, unless you have an online account where this digital currency is traded, and purchased some, you have to go with green bag. The prices can range up to fifty to several hundred dollars for small amount pills; possibly to last for a week. Why is it so experience you ask? Well, the supply and demand adjusts the prices.  Thus, the risk involved in the trade also elevates the price to a certain extent. Now, you must be wondering, is it safe? The answer is, yes.