Premature ejaculation: What it is, how it can affect you, and how to fix it

One of the most common medical issues seen in men related to sexual dysfunction is premature ejaculation. In Australia, about 21 to 31 percent of the male population is suffering from premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation has shown to decrease a man’s quality of life, which also has the same effect on their partner’s quality of life as well. This sexual condition has led men to suffer from self-esteem issues, anxiety, psychological issues, erectile dysfunction, a decline in libido and disruption in the quality of relationships. Many men feel ashamed of premature ejaculation and thus do not address the issue professionally. If medical treatment is sought for depression and other issues named above, then premature ejaculation is normally not disclosed to the medical provider as a possible contributor to the condition being treated. Due to men being reluctant to seek help for premature ejaculation, they normally do not obtain information regarding evidence based treatment that can effectively help rectify their sexual dysfunction.

Premature ejaculation is the inability to delay or manageably control an ejaculation from occurring during sexual intercourse

This in turn results in significate dissatisfaction due to embarrassment and the inability to satisfy one’s partner. Studies has shown that premature ejaculation can be classified as an acquired or lifelong condition. An acquired premature ejaculation is classified when a man ejaculates in less than 3 minute at any time during his life. Lifelong premature ejaculation is classified when a man ejaculates in less than 1 minute from the first time a man started having intercourse. Premature ejaculation can also be distinguished into subtypes that further breakdown contributing factors and categories to classify the condition further under each major category of lifelong and acquired.

When seeking out treatment for premature ejaculation, it is important that the discussion of treatment and management takes place with the man and his partner

Treatment options recommended by involves the consideration of both partners and must consider the mental impact, side effects, symptoms and preference of both partners. Evaluation for treatment is very complex. Treatment requires a combination of approaches in order to yield the best results. This treatment combination involves psychological, behavioral and pharmaceutical approaches. Of the entire treatment process, the men are more concern with the pharmaceutical and surgical approaches that are available. Creams and anesthetic aerosols such as lignocaine are recommended to treat premature ejaculation. These medications increase the ability to control the ejaculation and thus makes intercourse more enjoyable. These medications are applied directly to the glans of the penis prior to intercourse occurring. These medications are strongly encouraged to be used in conjunction with condoms to ensure that the other partner’s genitals do not become numb. Surgical approaches include circumcisions and experimental surgical therapies. These approaches are not really recommended as they are still is the investigative phase.

Some approaches that are beneficial for both people in the relationship are exercises that the couple can do to help aid the treatment of premature ejaculation. In these exercises there are six stages within a program that requires the couple to have intercourse. Some of the exercises involve squeezing the penial glans and start and stopping techniques which are stimulation breaks. These exercises allows the couple to really connect and focus as outside interruptions like television is highly discouraged. These interpersonal exercises help teach men to recognize the moment right before ejaculation and being able to control it. This technique helps men gain mind control or their ejaculations and could create a long term resolution.

The main issue with premature ejaculation is being able to control the ejaculation and having the awareness of sensitivity in the penis during intercourse

When a man gains this awareness and is able to control the sensation, then he may have found the reason to his premature ejaculation. Many Australian men and men around the world ejaculate quickly and do not understand why. When focus is brought to the issue is when men may gain that ability to control their ejaculation and thus last longer. Other medical implications that were previously stated may start to subside and the quality of life starts to become more enjoyable.

Men becoming aware of their ejaculation point is a more natural approach to resolving premature ejaculation

Most medical treatment does not involve a natural way to address premature ejaculation. A natural approach to premature ejaculation is a great approach to maintain a man’s privacy and spare them of the embarrassment of talking about the issue outside of his bedroom.

Viagra Australia: it is time to buy!

Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. The generic name for Viagra is sildenafil citrate. One of the big precautions in using Viagra is to make sure you are healthy enough to have sex. Sometimes when you aren’t getting enough blood flow to certain area’s you may need to be checked by your doctor. There are a few side effects that you need to be aware of. Dizziness, nausea and fainting all need to be taken seriously. Also be careful of taking Viagra when also taking Nitrates for your heart. It can cause adverse effects for your health.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is when a man cannot get an erection, or maintain an erection for any length of time. That’s what makes Viagra so useful for sex. Viagra can be used once a day for that special moment. You need to take Viagra at least an hour before you plan on having sex. That way you have plenty of time for it to work. If you have suffered from Erectile dysfunction for a long period of time before seeing your doctor, you could experience some anxiety and depression in relation to this product. You also need a prescription in order to get Viagra.

There are several ways to go about this. You can go in and speak to your doctor in person, or you may get a prescription online. You should be open and honest with your doctor in order to get a script though. It’s vitally important that you talk to him/her before taking this medicine. However, if your doctor thinks you are healthy enough for sex, go for it! You will find that your sex life will get back right on track after taking Viagra. As the commercial says, Be ready for that magic moment when it happens. There are several ways in which you can help make your medicine more effective. Exercise, watch your weight and quit smoking. Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean going hard at the gym. It means taking your dog out for a walk or playing with the kids in the back yard. It all contributes to making a healthier you. Some statistics for you.

Viagra Australia

Did you know that fifty percent of men have some form of erectile dysfunction that they deal with?

It is a common problem for men over forty. It’s not talked about much because it is such a private matter. Google Viagra sometime and see how may queries there are for this product.


You will be surprised! How do erectile dysfunction drugs work? Especially Viagra?

They work on something called a PDE-5 inhibitor. What this drug does is block an enzyme called enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5. These erectile dysfunction drugs also boost nitric oxide in your blood an allow the muscles in your penis to relax. Once the muscle is relaxed then it allows increased blood flow to the area. This allows you to get and maintain and erection longer and better. You can count on Viagra staying in your system for four to six hours. This allows you sometime for the magic to happen. Once you decide to approach your erectile dysfunction you can do it with a happier heart. You know all the facts and risks to taking this drug. Be open and frank and most of all, Enjoy yourself once again!


Erectile dysfunction is something that many men face on a yearly basis. In fact, a recent study found that nearly ten percent of older men (between 40 and 70 years of age) suffer from erectile dysfunction. In addition to these individuals, other men may experience erectile issues occasionally, inflating the number of those affected.
Erectile dysfunction refers to both difficulty in achieving an erection and difficulty in maintaining one. The way the system is supposed to work is that blood fills the two spongey areas of the penis, the corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum. In cases of erectile dysfunction, the blood does not become trapped in those areas. For some men, the situation is transient and does not last for long; other times individuals may need to seek medical treatment to help with the issue. Luckily, in today’s day and age, there are numerous medical options for individuals with erectile dysfunction so that they can get back to their usual activities. One such medical option is Cialis whose primary ingredient is Tadalafil. Tadalafil is effective because it helps to inhibit a certain enzyme, phosphodiesterase 5, that is found in the corpus cavernous. In erectile dysfunction, it appears that this enzyme is working too quickly, resulting in inability to obtain or keep an erection. By taking Tadalafil (i.e., Cialis), this enzyme is deactivated, resulting in sustainable erections.



Cialis: a few great benefits!

The great thing about Cialis is that individuals can either take it daily or on an as needed basis. For someone with more consistent erectile issues, he may choose to take a daily dosage (2.5 to 5 mg, typically). For someone who wishes to take the medication as needed, the typical dosage is 10 mg prior to sexual intercourse. That dosage can vary based on the person, so certain individuals may experience good results with a dosage as low as 5 mg whereas others may need up to 20 mg. Another great thing about Cialis is that the medication works in conjunction with stimulation. You do not need to worry that you will have an erection at any given time.

As with all medications, there are some possible side effects. Individuals should seek medical attention if they experience signs of an allergic reaction (hives, respiratory issues, swelling). In addition, commonly reported side effects include headache, back pain and muscle aches, dizziness, and experiencing redness or heat in the face (known as “flushing”). If individuals experience this symptoms and they do not resolve on their own, they should consult with a doctor about future course of action.

Cialis without prescription

If individuals want to try out Cialis for themselves, they do not need a prescription in Australia. In fact, there are a multitude of places where this medication can be purchased online. For example, generic Cialis 2.5 mg can be ordered from for as low as 68 cents a pill. Granted, that is with a large purchase of 360 pills. If individuals want to try an “as needed” dosage, they can order a pack of 20 pills for approximately $45. Most of the sites offer airmail with shipping happening within 2 to 3 weeks.

Kamagra in Australia

Kamagra is a medicine that is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. Kamagra is made by Ajanta Pharma Limited, a multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer based in India that has been in business since 1973. Ajanta sells its products in more than 30 countries, including the US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Philippines, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The active ingredient in Kamagra is sildenafil, exactly the same active ingredient found in Viagra.

Kamagra in Australia


It is a common experience of many men, as they grow older, to have some difficulty with sexual performance. This is nothing to be ashamed of, any more than you should feel ashamed of high blood pressure or high cholesterol. And just as you would get medical help to treat high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you can get medical help with sexual performance.

Kamagra treats the problem of erectile dysfunction, a condition where it is difficult to obtain an erection or keep the erection going. When the problem is caused by low blood flow into the penis, Kamagra can help by increasing the blood flow into the penis, leading to a better erection and a more satisfying sexual experience. Kamagra belongs to the class of medicines called PDE5 inhibitors.

Kamagra is actually a full line of products containing sildenafil. Kamagra comes in the form of tablets or gel-filled sachets (oral jelly). The strength ranges from 25 mg up to 100 mg. The normal starting dose is 50 mg. Kamagra should be taken about one hour before sexual activity is planned, and its effects can last up to 4 or 5 hours. Only one dose of Kamagra should be taken in a 24-hour period. Avoid taking Kamagra with high-fat foods or alcohol.

Not everyone can safely take Kamagra. There are some health conditions, such as heart disease, kidney disease, and liver disease, where using any PDE5 inhibitor may be unsafe without medical supervision. Kamagra may have unsafe interactions with some medications, such as nitrates for chest pain and blood pressure medications. For your safety, it is important to discuss all your health conditions and all your medicines with your doctor.

Kamagra has the same side effects as Viagra. Common side effects include headaches, nasal congestion, dizziness, nausea, sore muscles, and lower back pain. These side effects are usually mild and resolve in a few hours. There are a couple of rare serious side effects to be aware of. One is called priapism, where the erection lasts more than four hours. Other serious side effects include sudden loss of vision or hearing. If you experience any serious side effects, seek medical help immediately.

Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is the government’s regulatory agency when it comes to medicines. The TGA maintains a two-tiered registry for all medicines, called the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). The lower tier is for some over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and most complimentary medicines. All medicines on the lower tier are “listed” on the ARTG. The TGA evaluates “listed” medicines for safety and quality, but doesn’t evaluate whether they actually work.

The higher tier on the ARTG is for medicines that are higher in risk, and includes all prescription medications, most OTC medications, and a few complimentary medications. The TGA conducts a rigorous and detailed assessment of each medicine for quality, safety, efficacy (how well it works), and manufacturing standards. All medications in this higher tier must be “registered” on the ARTG. Products containing sildenafil citrate are all on this higher tier, and must be registered with the ARTG to be sold in Australia.

The TGA discourages purchasing medicines online without a prescription. They say the safest way to obtain any medicine is to see your doctor. Your doctor will take all your health conditions and medications into consideration, and help determine the safest dose to prescribe.

Because of the stigma that some people feel about erectile dysfunction, many men feel ashamed of their condition, or feel uncomfortable talking about the problem with their doctor. For this reason, there are many websites that offer to sell Kamagra online and ship directly to your home. There are some risks involved in this approach. Your full medical situation may not be evaluated properly, and erectile dysfunction products are some of the most commonly counterfeited medicines worldwide.

If you intend to purchase your Kamagra online, take some steps to make sure you have a safe experience. Use a website like Trustpilot, to evaluate the online source you are considering using. Look for pharmacy websites that have a substantial number of reviews that are high quality. For example, Direct Viagramelbourne has 785 reviews on Trustpilot, 92% of which are great or excellent. Viagramelbourne ships to Australian customers, with a shipping time of about 21 working days. They are online at Using a trusted source will help keep you from getting scammed and help you take advantage of the lower prices that can be found online.