Levitra for sale in Australia

Levitra is a well known product to men who suffer erectile dysfunction.Together with Viagra and Cialis, Levitra is one of the most common medications for erectile dysfunction. The way Levitra works is quite similar to Viagra. The drug is really helpful if used in a proper way and amount. The main ingredient of Levitra is Vardenafil, which relaxes the pelvic floor muscles and then pump blood into the male sexual organ when he got sexually stimulated. This results to an erection that can last for hours after taking the pill, which enables the man to enjoy the sexual intercourse. The erection will stops naturally after the man ejaculates.

Levitra for sale in Australia

Levitra for sale in Australia

However, some people misuse the drug by taking a large amount believing they could have a better erection with a higher dosage. These people are risking themselves with the side effects of Levitra. Although Levitra is generally considered safe, it can cause problems to people who already have medical conditions like chest pains or heart problems. The side effects are the direct result of what Levitra does to the male sexual organ. The blood pump caused by Levitra to the penis will make a decrease in blood pressure which may result to a heart attack or strokes. Another thing to pay attention to is that, nitrate drugs, like those which are used for liver and kidney problems, can make some dangerous drug interaction effects with Levitra. Basically, if you are having any medical problem or taking any other medication, you have to ask a doctor’s opinion before consider taking Levitra.

If you do not have any medical problem or your doctor has decided that it is totally safe for you to take Levitra, you can now use the drug without much worrying. Generally, taking Levitra should be according to the doctor’s instruction but you can also just read the prescription label. Levitra should only be consumed when you need an erection. The common dosages for Levitra are 2.5 mg, 5mg, 10 mg and 25 mg. The most recommended dosage is 10mg. You should always follow the recommended dosage. Taking more Levitra will not make a better and longer erection but only lead to the side effects of the drug. Only switch to the higher dosage if your doctor agrees and when the 10mg dosage does not work for you.

One more thing to remember when taking Levitra is that the drug does not mix well with alcohol. Alcohol will trigger the side effects to occur much easier.

If you experience a painful erection, or if your erection lasts too long, even after ejaculation, you need to contact your doctor immediately. This is not a common side effects of Levitra but this has been reported. Other less common side effects of Levitra is a feeling of chest ache and nausea. Hearing and vision loss have also been reported after taking Levitra. All in all, if you have any abnormal feeling in your body after taking Levitra, a medical attention must be sought as soon as possible.

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